Jeffery Finguy emotional after runner-up finish at Baer Field

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Jeffery Finguy emotional after runner-up finish at Baer Field Empty Jeffery Finguy emotional after runner-up finish at Baer Field

Post by FUEL on April 11th 2018, 11:45 am

Jeffery Finguy led 101 laps of Saturday Night's race but the final lap was the one that he missed... It was the most laps Finguy has ever led in a single event and some racing enthusiast say that Finguy led more laps at Baer Field than he has ever led in all the races he's ever started in his career. Jeffery Finguy came into the race 10th in points after putting together some solid results in the first 4 races but a dominant run at Baer Field has jumped Finguy to 6th in points which is the highest Jeffery Finguy has ever been in the championship standings... Finguy sits 68 points behind Dom Caps in the title fight as it's still early but the underdog favorite out there leading the torch for Dodge as Finguy came so close to finally closing down a 150 race winless streak this past weekend.

Jeffery Finguy: "Yeah, it's been a while since I had something like this happen. Ironically like my first win too. But instead of leading all the laps, I acted like a fool and wrecked out a few guys which honestly... I'll take fault for that. But, I have new drive that I honestly am going for now. If you, care for me to go into detail. After I got out of the car, the first person to greet me wasn't anyone I wrecked but who I saw was my baby girl, Iris. She was crying. She honestly made me choke up when I heard from her mother and my wife 'Rozzy' say that "She wanted you to win tonight". My little girl means everything to me. She help keep me in a solace state and hearing that she was cheering for me, and that she wanted me to win... I broke down as I held her which sorry for my tardiness being here. It's her that helped me keep my sanity ever since FPM was made and she came up midway through the season. Iris, is the reason why I'm still doing this and one day, I want her to join me in victory lane and show her, her daddy can win. Her daddy can do it... I know I acted like an ass out there tonight, and I'll make phone calls apologizing to the drivers I got into... I just now want to get a win, not to just show I'm back... But to show my baby girl who's now almost 3... Her daddy can..."

It response to having to make phone calls apologizing to other drivers, Finguy had this to say about his response to the series penalizing him for wreckless driving.

Jeffery Finguy: "It's a fair penalty. Even though I said it's fair that they penalize me as so. I don't want to say this but... I think if the lap traffic could had played fair, we wouldn't have this too. How we lost the race was by lap traffic, and some of the guys just need to know when to get the hell out of the way from a fast car. I get it, I wrecked them to get out of the way and yes they bit me in the ass at the end...  But the SCS needs to tell these guys who are about to be lapped to get out of the way. Honestly if they were to do that, I'm not getting a penalty. I'm only compared to Young and Bishop here because they were spinning guys on the lead lap. There's a difference between a lap down and the lead lap. That's just my opinion on it. It's fair... But sometimes it's better to see what the guy leading the race was dealing with."

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