Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 5

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 5 Empty Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 5

Post by FUEL on April 9th 2018, 6:38 pm

Following the Round of Baer Field

1. Dom Caps (--) - Still the man at this point in the season. Dom Caps didn't have the best car at Baer Field but he kept his car in one piece and picked off his 5th consecutive Top 10 finish this season. No other driver has finished in the Top 10 in every single race in 2018 so far other than Caps. He holds a steady point lead of 25 points on Jake Baskinger.

2. Jake Baskinger (--) - Speaking of Baskinger, he just came up short of a Top 10 finish at Baer Field. He had a Top 5 car all night but slid back near the start of the final segment where he had a tough time recovering. Still a solid finish but he continues to lose ground to Dom Caps.

3. Jesse Turner (+2) - Jesse Turner absolutely dominated in his session. Lapping everyone but D.J. Kurtis. In the final segment it was between Turner and Finguy for the win but a wreck near the end took Turner out of contention for the win. Jesse Turner is on the rise after a solid run, he's now 3rd in points.

4. D.J. Kurtis (+2) - For Kurtis it was a solid run in Round 5. He had what seemed to be a possible Top 3 race car. Kurtis has been really fast to open up the season. It has shown that if he can stay out of trouble he is capable of finishing in the Top 3 in every race which is absolutely incredible! This is the 3rd time Kurtis has finished a race this season and in all 3 of those races... He finished Top 3. Pretty impressive. He jumps to 12th in points. The defending champion will need to find consistency in being able to finish on the race track if he wants to defend his title.

5. Steven Jenkins (-2) - After a disappointing finish at Atlanta when he should have won... Jenkins had high hopes on returning to a short track that he could find victory lane. It wasn't meant to be as Jenkins really wasn't much of a contender all race. He ended up finishing 12th and dropped to 4th in points.

6. Nick Mace (+1) - Nick Mace moving up the order in Power Rankings and in the Championship as well. Nick Mace had an up and down weekend at Baer Field, he started on the pole in his session however had a bad handling race car and dropped to 12th to be the last car to transfer into the final segment. Mace got wrecked early into the final segment which put him behind. He fell a lap down early but he got after it and Nick Mace picked his way through all the cars in front of him and Nick Mace finished 10th! This marks as the 4th consecutive Top 10 finish this season and he jumps to 5th in points! This is the first time in 36 races that Nick Mace sits inside the Top 5 in the championship.

7. James Silverfox (-3) - Back to back weekends Silverfox and the #28 team just wasn't at all that quick... Silverfox started mid pack due to struggling to find speed in their cars and it ended up hurting them a lot. They got turned mid race in their session and flipped multiple times. Silverfox and team, didn't give up as they scrapped together a few points out of the weekend but it dropped the team massively in points.

8. Jeffery Finguy (+4) - This past weekend has made a lot of competitors in the garage really turn their heads at Jeffery Finguy. Finguy had a weekend to be proud of as he and his race team prepped together a winning race car. Finguy took the lead early at Baer Field and went on to lead the most laps he's ever led in an entire SCS Event ever. Leading 100+ laps... Finguy found himself in multiple troubles with lap cars through out the night that hindered him a lot and ended up costing him a chance a victory. His run at Baer Field was good enough to leap him into 6th in points which is the highest Finguy has ever been in the championship standings in his whole career.

9. Dillon Young (--) - Dillon Young knocked down his 2nd consecutive Top 10 finish of the year, his 2nd over all in the season at Baer Field. Young wasn't much of a contender through out the race in fact he quietly slid his way into the Top 10 and stayed there all night. Dillon Young jumped from 13th to 8th in the standings after Round 5.

10. Dajon Weeks (-2) -- Dajon Weeks started out the year looking strong but after a lack luster run at Atlanta and even out at Baer Field... YAMP Motorsports suddenly seems to be missing something. Mainly Silverfox and Weeks have sort of hit a hole. Weeks finished 13th this weekend which is nothing to be ashamed over. He's finished inside the Top 15 in every race since Daytona and has been holding steady in points.

Moved In: Jeffery Finguy
Moved Out: Eric Burton

Who is ranked too high? Who is ranked too low? Who shouldn't be on the list, who should be? Do you agree with me? Let me know.

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 5 Empty Re: Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 5

Post by JJRacer89 on April 9th 2018, 11:11 pm

Rodriguez is definitely getting closer to the list. And Finguy jumping up was no surprise, although him getting by me on the track sure was, at least to me!

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