Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 6

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 6 Empty Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 6

Post by FUEL on April 16th 2018, 9:53 pm

Following the Round of Springfield

1. Jake Baskinger (+1) - We have a change at the top! Some may say it's a reaction to Baskinger taking the points lead but it's how he's taken it. 13th or better in every race so far along with 1 victory to boot... He led 96 laps at Springfield of the 150 laps ran... He could've won at many tracks this season and has an average finish of 5.50 so far this season, the best of anyone!

2. Dom Caps (-1) - Dom Caps wasn't that fast at Baer Field and he followed that up with a very miserable run at Springfield. He struggled to find a good balance on his car and had to pit multiple times to keep the suspension on his car from failing. A terrible 39th place finish has dropped him from the points lead.

3. D.J. Kurtis (+1) - For Kurtis he led laps and brought it home solidly in the Top 10 and was one of the biggest movers in points due to that. He also was one of the 4 different drivers who led laps in Springfield due to strategy. Kurtis is up to 6th in points after a really good outting on the dirt, a track that is completely out of the ordinary to his racing style.

4. Jesse Turner (-1) - While Kurtis is on the uphill climb, Turner continues to be steady... He now is the most consecutive driver to have Top 10's in a row! He hasn't finished outside the Top 10 since Daytona and is only 20 points behind the point leader. Turner is showing consistency early on in 2018.

5. Steven Jenkins (--) - Steven Jenkins had a pretty quiet race at Springfield. It's not usually a track that he would say is his favorite by any means but to come away with a Top 10 from it is a day to be proud of. To bring home a Top 10 run at tracks that you struggle at is a big plus.... Jenkins is showing signs of being a legitimate title contender for 2018. Only time will tell if he will be able to continue this solid performance as he currently sits 4th in points.

6. James Silverfox (+1) - Silverfox has been in a slide since Atlanta in his performance value... this is the 3rd race in a row that Silverfox hasn't finished inside the Top 10 however he did finish better than many of his title contenders at Springfield with a Top 15 finish.

7. Nick Mace (-1) - For Nick Mace he had a car capable of good things out in Springfield however handling issues would end up destroying Mace's Top 10 streak. Mace fell to a disappointing 19th in the race however rebounded nicely for having to pit twice for handling issues.

8. Ryan Acosta (+3) - Ryan Acosta has been rock solid all year long. Allen Family Racing Team's strongest driver every year has always been able to find extra speed in his car to finish the best. At one point during Springfield him and his teammate Jeffery Lynn were sitting 2nd and 3rd. Acosta had a strategy that could've helped win him the race but getting caught multiple laps down hurt him... He brought home his best finish of the season of 11th and moved to 8th in points. He has yet to finish in the Top 10 at all this year but he has finished Top 15 so many times this season and continues to show consistency with a car that isn't as fast as the others around him.

9. Cody Llamas (+2) - Cody Llamas with a strong Top 5 finish added his 2nd Top 5 and Top 10 all year. His inconsistency with finishing races and having bad luck has really hurt Llamas for the 2018 Season however his steller run out on the dirt while his competition struggled has moved him inside the Top 15 in points for the first time this season.

10. Dajon Weeks (--) - Weeks is in a similar situation to Silverfox... ever since Atlanta they've struggled as a team. In the last 3 races, Weeks has finished no better than 13th. Weeks brought home his worst finish since Daytona at Springfield with a 20th place finish. He still averages a better finish than most of his competition and is still bringing home consistent Top 15 and Top 20 runs but this isn't the kind of runs we expect from Weeks and YAMP Motorsports.

MOVED IN: Ryan Acosta and Cody Llamas
MOVED OUT: Jeffery Finguy and Dillon Young

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